ARCHIL SOLOGASHVILI - Director, Choreographer

Archil Sologashvili has been an actor at the Tbilisi State Music and Drama Theater since 2006, featuring in over 20 different performances. In 2013, he received the ‘Duruji’ theater prize for Best Male Actor in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ directed by D. Doiashvili.

He co-hosts the ‘Midday’ show on Rustavi 2, and is a Speech Coach at the Theatrical University, and Choreographer.

“This project is a great responsibility for me, because as director, I’m presenting the culture of my country and conveying to viewers as much information as I can about Georgia, all in English,” he says.

Natia Amiridze

Natia Amiridze - Producer, Book

Natia is co-author and producer of the project together with Michael Maisuradze. Natia has a marketing and communications background, having worked for several international companies. In the last 6 years she has managed various communication and video production projects for music, dance and sporting events in Georgia and the Caucasus region. Early spring 2017, she decided to start a project promoting Georgia through song and dance. Thanks to the incredibly talented team, one year was enough to bring the idea from paper to weekly shows.

“Success for me means the Musical becoming the ‘must-see’ presentational performance about Georgia that every tourist coming to Georgia will choose to go to at the beginning of their visit,” she says.



Michael is co-author and producer of the project. For the last 15 years Michael has been actively involved in the music and entertainment industry in Georgia, arranging various musical events, including festivals, club nights, radio shows, and musical workshops. Michael has also managed various cultural programs for several international brands in Georgia and the region. ‘Welcome to Georgia - The Musical’ is his first theatrical project. He was inspired to start it by the London West End scene.

“This Musical is the perfect place to impress foreign guests with Georgian song and dance,” he says.


GURANDA IASHVILI - Assistant Director, Book

Guranda has been the director of Tbilisi State Music and Drama State Theater since 2006. She has also staged performances at the M.Tumanishvili Film Actors, Marjanishvili and Kutaisi L. Meskhishvili State Drama theaters. She often helps organize events of state importance.

“This project comes with a great deal of responsibility, giving us a chance to show off the Georgian good nature on behalf of the whole country, and give a true ‘Welcome to Georgia!’ to foreign guests,” she says.

Anano Mosidze

Anano Mosidze - Costume Designer

Anano has been a Costume Designer at the Tbilisi State Music and Drama Theater since 2005 and has worked on more than 30 performances there. In 2010, at the International Film Festival of Reekah (Croatia), Anano won ‘Best Costume Artist’ for Macbeth (directed by D. Doiashvili). In 2013, she collaborated with the Croatian National Theater, where her sketches were turned into costumes for Doiashvili’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’

In 2015, at the Music and Drama Theater, the Tbilisi International Festival featured a personal exhibition of Anano’s costumes for ‘When Ramah Disappears.’

“It was a very nice project to work on and a big responsibility. The Georgian nationality, culture and lifestyle is very well expressed in the show, as is the singing and dancing, allowing foreigners to get to know our history as part of our daily lives,” she says.

Rusudan Morchiladze

Rusudan Morchiladze - Music & Vocal Arrangements

Composer Rusa Morchiladze has more than 20 years' experience in Georgian show business and has more than 1000 songs to her credit, with many of the greatest Georgian singers' hits written by her.
Her first song was 'Iebi,' which was followed by her work with well-known singer Nino Katamadze.
Rusa was also a music director of such famous TV projects as 'New Georgian Voices,' 'Dancing With The Stars,' and 'I Love Georgia.' Rusa was also the Music Director of Imedi TV and works in the Cultural Department of Tbilisi City Hall.



Irakli is a screenwriter, film director and producer, co-founder of the Night Show Studio and executive producer of the ‘Night Show with David Gogichaishvili’ and ‘Saturday Show.’ He is screenwriter and executive producer of popular Georgian sitcom ‘The City Center’ and is founder, author and executive producer of television and internet products at Studio TV11. He is also executive producer and screenwriter for multi-episode series ‘Girl from the Suburbs’ and the ‘Great Break.’



Rati is a TV show screenwriter and filmmaker. Since 2013, he has been part of the creative team of TV11, and co-author of TV and Internet products at the same channel. He is also the author of the Georgian ‘Great Break’ TV series.


KATIE DAVIES - English Editor

Katie is a YA author and Editor-in-Chief of Georgia's leading English-language newspaper 'Georgia Today' and tourist magazine '' She fell in love with Georgia in 2007 and decided to dedicate herself to promoting it and inspiring others to come visit! She says of the "Welcome to Georgia - The Musical" project: "I fell into this project by chance. I love the whole concept and have put the show at the top of my 'must-see' list for foreign guests coming to Georgia!"


NINO CHAVCHAVADZE - Technical Supervisior

Nino is a Tourism Development Manager. Since 2003, she has been working as a Director’s Assistant in the Music and Drama Theater, having been involved in more than 20 performances with many prominent directors.



Giorgi has worked as a Set Designer since 2008 in various theaters, including: the Music and Drama Theater, Royal District Theater, Tumanishvili Theater, and the Theater of Batumi. He is also a teacher of Theater Set Design at the Art Academy.
The last 10 years have seen him involved in various theater and concert projects in Munich, Germany, as an  invited Set Designer.
Of special note of his works at the State Music and Drama Theater are Kote Purtseladze's choreographic performance 'Three Sisters' and D. Doiashvili's version of Gorky's 'The Lower Depths' which brought Giorgi the Best Artist prize at the Theater Festival in 2015.



Rusudan is a film critic and journalist. She works on analytical news program PostScript (P.S.) at Rustavi 2 and has a rich journalistic background. She also makes live translation and commentary for the Grammy Awards and Oscars. Ruska was involved in creating featurettes and the behind-the-scene videos for the ‘Welcome to Georgia-The Musical’ project.

“I fell in love with the idea of creating a musical play about Georgia and its traditions. It’s the best possible way for foreigners to get acquainted with our beautiful country. It's a ‘must-see’ show!” she says.