Welcome to Georgia- The Musical” is a theatrical show played at Musica & Drama Theatre. The play is in English and weaves a tale about Georgia and its people through song, dance, and dialogue. Learn about Georgia’s age-old culture, history, traditions, national costumes, cuisine and more!


The show will introduce you to traditional Georgian song and dance performed live on stage by 18 actors and will take you on a journey from Givi’s wine cellar to the feast table, where you’ll be welcomed with world-renowned Georgian hospitality. Join us for an evening of humor, romance and a taste of true Georgia and all its traditions.


Not only are you guaranteed to enjoy your “stay” at Maro’s house, but you’ll come away with an insight into Georgia’s wine heritage, must-see sights, and rich singing and dancing legacy.


ACT 1: Village Life

A grandmother gets ready for her grandson's surprise early visit and is eager to hear what he and his French girlfriend have seen so far in Georgia. Julie gets her first taste of award-winning Georgian wine and learns about some of Georgia's best cultural traditions.



ACT 2: The Supra

In honour of their foreign guest, the villagers and Giorgi's friends lay out a feast (supra) with all the most delicious Georgian dishes. Julie gets set for another evening of dancing, singing and discovering Georgia. And it's about to get even more romantic...